I always had this requirement of perfection in me, which has long restrained me. Just because I left no room for accident, I felt in perpetual dissatisfaction once confronted with the end result. Then, during the creative process of a piece from the sinn-enn series, I felt the magic of creation. Being guided by what is taking shape in front of me, being surprised, and thus understanding what I create.

Living this moment puts me in a trance. And all that comes after is to look for this addictive instant. But, to be absolute, this suspended time of trance has to follow a long and sophisticated ritual of gestation and preparation... Which just goes to show that my requirement of perfection has not completely gone. I just learned to give it its rightful place in the process.

This is what keeps me going today. Reliving, over and over again, that rare and ephemeral feeling, as a guarantee to offer a part of my soul. And the result of this work is answering me back: « Here is who you are ».