I remember “War and Pain”. A first purely visual contact that commanded me to listen to this record and would durably impact my adolescent brain. I remember that cover, I remember that logo, and I remember that music. It was different, it was unique, it was VOÏVOD!
Imagine how proud and honored I am today to announce the upcoming Utech Records release of OCRE on July 13, 2018. OCRE is the epitome of my artistic collaboration with the VOÏVOD drummer (and some other bands like TAU CROSS, etc.) Michel “Away” Langevin. A sound and visual experiment in two tracks, based on the recording of a long improvisation of Michel in the studio a few years ago. Two facets, two expressions quite different from each other, where express our shared taste for free, heavy and electric music.
I want to thank especially and very warmly Michel, of course, but also Keith Utech, originator of this project, who believed in me and offered me this wonderful opportunity, as well as Cyrille Gachet, for his invaluable help and support during this recording.


Here is a first review from Avant Music News, and a link to pre-order now OCRE, also available in a special and very limited edition of 30 copies for which Michel and I have customized, signed and numbered the back covers.

OCRE is a self-titled 7″ recording from bassist Stefan Thanneur of Chaos Echœs and drummer Michel Langevin of Voïvod. Consisting of two tracks in the 4-5 minute range, OCRE provides a taste of what is hopefully much more to come from this duo.
Ocre Rouge kicks off with Thanneur’s processed feedback and Langevin on cymbals until the latter sets forth a pounding, syncopated rhythm, variations of which are maintained for the rest of the track. Thanneur provides a grungy main riff overdubbed with speed picked high notes, drones, and processed themes. The result lands somewhere between experimental heavy metal and Krautrock, and will sound familiar to anyone who has spent time taking in Voïvod. Ocre Jaune is a dark atmospheric piece, with Thanneur offering layers of processed bass and alien harmonics. Langevin is mostly in the background, giving this track a distant and disconnected feel. But around the three-minute mark he joins in with what is effectively a jazz-inflected solo over continued bass soundscapes.
OCRE is a promising and welcome debut with a palpable tension. As a result, it comes across unlike any other bass / drum duo, and for that reason alone is worth a listen.
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