two new projects in progress

I’ve been busy working on two different and very exciting musical collaborations these past weeks.

I don’t want to tell too much of it yet, but one is nothing less than a bass/drums collaboration with the guy behind the kit of one of the most influential and singular band of the metal scene – and of course one of my all-time favorite bands. This will be a visual & aural collaboration, which makes this project even more special to me. I will never thank enough Keith Utech for believing in me and for offering me an opportunity I would have never ever dreamed of.

The other one is a collaboration between my band CHAOS ECHŒS and one of the most über-talented, charismatic, and lovely human being from the contemporary free jazz community. All I can say is that I do love these recordings. I’m so proud to be part of this experimental gem!

Mixing duties have already been mastered by sound wizard Cyrille Gachet at Dick Doom Studio – to whom I personally owe a lot.
Both projects are currently in James Plotkin’s hands for the mastering phase, and will be released by Utech Records.
Simultaneously, we started the visual process by discussing art direction & design.

Exciting times, indeed! Looking forward to sharing these works with you all!
More soon!